Frequently Asked Questions

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How are the glass beads made?

Using a centuries-old process called lampworking a torch is used to melt and shape colorful rods of glass. The molten glass is then wound around a steel rod, forming a basic bead. When the glass is still in a molten state the cremation ashes are added and then layers of glass are applied to encase the ashes.  In some cases like the Logan pendants layers of dots are applied with thinner rods of glass called stringers to create unique designs.

How much ash do you need?

Very little ashes are required, a couple tablespoons is enough to work with.  Any remaining ashes that are not used will be returned to you.

I'm not comfortable retrieving the ashes from the urn, what can I do?

That is totally understandable.  You can give me the whole urn if you like and I can take out what I need and return it with the finished bead.

Can I pick out custom colors for my beads?

Absolutely, I have a website with my glass that does not have ashes in them and anything you see on that website can be made still incorporating the ashes in.  You can see the styles and color selections here

How long does it take to place an order?

A week or two is a typical turnaround time, but if you are in a rush I can expedite things for you as well.

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