About Life Beads

Memorial jewelry and cremation ash keepsakes

Tracy Slobodian

Glass Artist + Creator



About SoulEssence


Chartreuse Designs is pleased to share with you my line of memorial jewelry and cremation ash keepsakes.

“Life Beads’ were inspired by those I have loved… and still love that have sadly passed on.  In that love and respect, I found inspiration.  I wear my Life Beads and feel the strength and spirit of my loved ones and with that connection, I find peace and joy. Although I do not have their bodies here, their spirit certainly is uncompromised with me and we continue life’s journey together.

Each cremation bead is handmade with love, and the utmost concern for the dignity and memory of your loved one and their spirit is cherished in the process.  If you are comfortable in doing so, please send me a photo and tell me a little something about your loved one so I may think of them while making their Life Bead. Let me know what kind of music they liked and we can create together.

Each Life bead is hand sculpted. It should be expected that the shape, size, and color of each item will have slightly different characteristics. Your loved one’s cremation ashes will be hand mixed within the hot molten glass, which is formed into the bead. You have the option of using a transparent color so that you can see the ashes suspended in the bead, or you can use a darker more solid color so that only you will know what is encapsulated inside.

I would like to express my deepest sympathy for your loss. Coping with bereavement and grief is an extremely personal and unique experience. Each journey is different and people visit me at different points in their journeys. I hope having something physical to hold onto and wear will help bring you solace. And as time passes, your smiles will outnumber your tears as your loved one’s spirit remains with you, always. I hope you too will find solace with your memorial jewelry.

They say love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
Death cannot kill what never dies.

William Penn